Monday, 2 May 2011

BABE: The best one yet.

I did the return journey from London to Bristol on Saturday and Sunday, which was a novel thing for me! I also experienced a big learning curve organising my first shared table at the event, with the Facebook group, Artist Book Collective. I expected a good 20-30 people out of a possible 480 to take part, but in the end it was just the 8 of us. But, what a wonderful group of eight we were. The women who took part, Charlotte A Morgan, Kathryn DesForges, Lina Avramidou, Rosie Kearton, Rose Davies, Caroline Griffiths with Laura Sheldon, Louise Atkinson all made lovely books and the 3 of those, Rose, Caroline and Rosie who came along to help and support were fantastic. What fun to meet such lovely people.

The fair itself was also excellent, with a diverse range of artists making quality work. I enjoyed seeing and chatting with old aquaintances and friends. And making some new ones, too! The Arnolfini looked after us very well and there was a fun interactive event called World Atlas of Bristol. I joined unwittingly after I clocked the badge being given away. I always like a badge. I was given a sheet of paper with a random country printed on it which I had to draw from my memory, or imagination, if memory failed! The results were all pinned up in their categories on a long wall. Some were quite exacting, but most were funny. I mean what do you expect from a bunch of artists, illustrators, and afficionados? A book or 2 will be made from the results, I was told.
Sales weren't amazing. It was yet another bank holiday weekend, (after what seemed like a month of them). There was a good flow of people on Saturday, but surprisingly fewer on the Sunday. I wonder if the poster couldn't have been a bit more eye-catching. As always, tho it was nice to be in Bristol itself, take a break and sit on the harbor wall in the sunshine, watch the people, motorbikes and boats. 

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  1. I really enjoyed the event even though the selling was disappointing - it's a chance to meet people, chat and eat cake!! The weather didn't help the attendance, the sun was shining too hard!!